Ciara Height – Weight – Body Measurements – Eye Color

Full Name: Ciara Princess Harris
Date of Birth: October 25, 1985
Profession: Singer & Songwriter & Music Producer & Model & Actress

Ciara is a famous American singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, and model, who started her career in 2003. Below, you can find more about Ciara’s measurements, eye color, career, weight, height, and more.

Her full name is Ciara Princess Wilson, and she was born on October 25, 1985. Just a year after she started her career, she released her debut album called Goodies in 2004. She also released four singles from the album, which she featured with artists in three of them. These artists were Petey Pablo, Missy Elliott, and Ludacris. Her single 1, 2 Step became an international hit and Ciara boosted her recognition in the world.

She was also nominated for two Grammy Awards with her album. Later, in 2006, she released her second album, which was called Ciara: The Evolution. She released four hit singles from this album, and she featured with 50 Cent and Chamillionaire in two of these singles. The album also ranked number one on the charts. In 2009, she released her third album Fantasy Ride. Compared to her previous albums, her third album was not successful enough, but she also received a Grammy nomination. A year later, she released her fourth studio album called Basic Instinct, but it was not as successful as her previous albums.

Height:5 ft 7 in (170 Cm)
Weight:132 lb (60 Kg)
Body Measurements:35-24-35 in (89-61-89 Cm)
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Black (Natural) (Dyed Blonde)
Toglenn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As a result, she signed to Epic Records in 2011 and released her fifth studio album called Ciara in 2013. The album ranked number two on the charts and Ciara was in the game again. In 2015, she released her sixth album Jackie and in 2019, she released her seventh album Beauty Marks. Meanwhile, in 2016, she signed a modeling contract and started to work as a brand ambassador for Revlon. Besides her music career, Ciara also took part in different film productions. In 2023, she is going to play The Color Purple as well.

Ciara’s measurements are 35-24-35 in or 89-61-89 centimeters. Her natural hair color is black, but we often see her hair dyed blonde. Ciara’s eye color is dark brown, and she is a tall woman. Ciara’s height is 5’7” or 1.70 meters and Ciara’s weight is 132 lb or 60 kilograms. She was born in Texas. Because her father was in the military, she grew up in different states including Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, New York, and Georgia. She recorded her international hit 1, 2 Step in 2002 because she became famous.

In 2013, she engaged to Future, who is a rapper, and the couple had a child in 2014. However, they also decided to break up in the same year. In 2015, Ciara started to date Russell Wilson, who is a quarterback in NFL. The couple engaged and married in 2016. She changed her last name to Wilson, which was Harris before. They also had their first child in 2017 and their second child in 2020. Most people believe Ciara will not release any albums anymore and focus on raising her children. However, she still continues to release singles, which attract the attention of the audience. She gave a break to her professional career in 2019 but she will take part in film production in 2023 as well.

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color

Black (Natural) (Dyed Blonde)


Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 Cm)


Weight: 132 lb (60 Kg)

Body Measurements

Body Measurements: 35-24-35 in (89-61-89 Cm)

Zodiac sign


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