Jennifer Connelly Height – Weight – Measurements – Eye Color

Full Name: Jennifer Lynn Connelly
Date of Birth: December 12, 1970
Profession: Actress

Jennifer Connelly is a famous American actress who started her career in 1984. In this article, you can find more about Jennifer Connelly’s measurements, height, weight, eye color, career, and more!

Her full name is Jennifer Lynn Connelly, and she was born on December 12, 1970. She started her career at a very young age as a child actress. She made her debut in 1984 when she played in a crime film called Once Upon a Time in America. A year later, she played in a horror film called Phenomena. However, switching her career to full-time acting, she worked as a model for a couple of years.

The first two productions she took part in enjoyed great commercial success and Jennifer Connelly boosted her recognition as an actress. Throughout her career, she played in films of different genres. Her third film, Labyrinth was a musical fantasy film while her fourth film Career Opportunities was a romantic comedy. In 1991, she also played in a superhero film called The Rocketeer. In 1998, she also played in a science fiction film called Dark City. However, she enjoyed great international recognition when she played in the drama film called Requiem for a Dream in 2000. The film is still considered a classic today.

Height:5 ft 7 in (169 Cm)
Weight:119 lb (54 Kg)
Body Measurements:34-23-33 in (86-58-83 Cm)
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Dark Brown

In 2002, she won her first notable award, which was Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She won this award thanks to her performance in A Beautiful Mind in 2001. A year after the award, we saw her in the Hulk film. Some of the other important productions she took part in include Blood Diamond in 2006, The Day the Earth Stood Still in 2008 and He’s Just Not That Into You in 2009. Recently, Jennifer Connelly also took part in Top Gun: Maverick, which was released in 2022 and is considered a huge commercial success.

Jennifer Connelly’s measurements are 34-23-33 in or 86-58-83 centimeters. Moreover, Jennifer Connelly’s height is 5’7” or 1.69 meters and Jennifer Connelly’s weight is 119 lbs or 54 kilograms. Although she does not have exceptional beauty, she looks very lovely too. Jennifer Connelly’s eye color is green, and she often dyes her hair dark brown. She was born in New York, and she does not have any siblings. Her parents were antique dealer and clothing manufacturer. She grew up in a wealthy family and she went to Yale University after her graduation from high school. Two years after, she was transferred to Stanford University, where she studied drama.

However, her parents encouraged him to pursue a professional career as soon as possible. This is why she dropped out of the university and focused on her career. She used to have an affair with Billy Campbell, but the couple separated in 1996. Later, she started to date David Dugan, who was a photographer, and they had their first son in 1997. In 2003, she married Paul Bettany, who was an actor, and the couple had two children in 2003 and 2011. Today, they are living together in Brooklyn Heights.

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown


Height: 5 ft 7 in (169 Cm)


Weight: 119 lb (54 Kg)

Body Measurements

Body Measurements: 34-23-33 in (86-58-83 Cm)

Zodiac Sign


Title Image Credit: Karon Liu from Toronto, Canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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