Elizabeth Gillies – Height – Weight – Measurements – Eye Color

Full Name: Elizabeth Egan Gillies
Birthday: July 26, 1993
Profession: Actress & Singer

Elizabeth Gillies is a famous American actress and singer, who enjoyed great recognition after the Victorious series. She is pursuing a professional career since 2005.

Her full name is Elizabeth Egan Gillies, and she was born on July 26, 1993. She made her Broadway debut when she was only 15 years old by taking part in musical 13. She played Lucky’s character in the musical. In addition to this, she made her television acting debut in 2007, when she appeared in The Black Donnellys. Elizabeth Gillies enjoyed a great reputation after she played Jade West in the Victorious series, which was aired between 2010 and 2013 on Nickelodeon. Elizabeth Gillies’s Height available in our article.

She was also voicing Daphne in Winx Club between 2011 and 2014, which was also aired on Nickelodeon. After enjoying her success in these two successful productions, she played in a comedy series called Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll between 2015 and 2016. A year later, she also played in Dynasty, where she played Fallon Carrington, who was a billionaire heiress in the series. In fact, the series was the reboot of Dynasty, which aired in the 1980s. In 2014, she took part in two successful productions, where were Animal and Killing Daddy. Elizabeth Gillies’s Weight available in our article.

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Height:5ft 7in (170 Cm)
Weight:132lb (60 Kg)
Body Measurements:36-27-35 inc (92-69-89 Cm)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Dyed Blonde (Natural Brown)

A year later from these productions, she played in Vacation in 2015, which was a comedy film. In 2018, she also played in another comedy film Arizona. Starting in 2011, Elizabeth Gillies also started to pursue a musical career. She made her debut in 2011 by releasing the Give It Up song. She featured Ariana Grande in the song. Moreover, she also released songs such as Take a Hint and You Don’t Know Me. In 2020, she released another album called Songs from Home. The album was released on Spotify only. Elizabeth Gillies’s Eye Color available in our article.

Elizabeth Gillies was born in New Jersey, and we do not know a lot about her past. She does not enjoy talking about it at all. However, we know that her parents are Lorrie and Dave Gillies. In addition to this, she has one brother, who is younger than her and was born in 1996. She decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry when she was in high school. This is why she dropped out the school and focused on her career. However, she regretted her decision in the following years, and therefore, she enrolled in an online high school program to get her diploma.

As you might guess, Elizabeth Gillies also does not like sharing about her personal life. She always kept her relationships a secret. However, in 2020, Elizabeth Gillies and Michael Corcoran, who is an American music producer married in a private ceremony. They married in New Jersey and today, the couple is living in Georgia. In 2023, she is going to take part in a film called Spread and it was revealed that she is going to play Ruby’s character. However, there is not any further explanation about the release date of the film. She is also close friends with Ariana Grande, and she played in three music videos of her.

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dyed Blonde (Natural Brown)


Height: 5ft 7inc (170 Cm)


Weight: 132lb (60 Kg)

Body Measurements

Body Measurements: 36-27-35 inc (92-69-89 Cm)

Title Image Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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