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Rihanna Biography

Biography of Rihanna, one of the most popular names among musicians today, is curious by many. Born in Barbados in 1988, Rihanna was born in a family of middle class. Its father’s side is based on Ireland and its mother’s side is based on Guyana. The event that most affected Rihanna, who started singing at the age of 7, was the violent quarrels of her parents. Her parents divorced when she was 14 years old.

Rihanna, who decided to go to music school at the age of 15, founded her first music group at this age. Rihanna and her band were introduced to a music producer by her friends in 2003. This producer, named Evan Rogers, focused solely on Rihanna after conducting a voice analysis and turned down the other members of the group. Although there was no result, Rihanna decided to make a music career and sent the demos she recorded to different music companies.

In late 2005, she signed with Def Jam and started recording her first album. Her first album was released in 2005 and rose to the top of the list of released songs in many countries, especially the USA. Later, her first studio album, Music of the Sun, was released and this album also attracted great attention.

Rihanna succeeded in making a name for herself by making a successful debut and releasing albums one after the other in the following years. Each of her albums has achieved significant success around the world, and Rihanna has become a world-renowned singer. The albums and songs she released brought important awards for Rihanna, and Rihanna was also able to attract attention with her stage shows and clips.

Rihanna Facts

Thanks to Rihanna facts, you can get to know the famous singer better;

  • Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
  • When their first song was released, Rihanna stated that she had never taken singing lessons before.
  • Rihanna’s Day is celebrated every year on February 22 in Barbados, where she was born.
  • Rihanna supports many associations struggling in this field because of the violence and harassment she experienced at an early age and in her relationships.

Rihanna Favorite Things

Favorite ColorBlack and green
Favorite Number2
Favorite BookA Child Called It – Dave Pelzer
Favorite FoodPasta and rice
Favorite FoodEgg
Favorite MovieNapoleon Dynamite, Borat
Favorite PerfumeLove, Don’t Be Shy Extreme
Favorite MusicParamore – Decode
Favorite Actor / ActressDenzel Washington, Jessica Alba


Shia LaBeouf
It was claimed that there was love between LaBeouf, the famous actress of the Transformers movie, and Rihanna, who was shown eating in 2007. However, it was later stated that this was an appointment but the parties did not go as they wanted.

Chris Brown
Their relationship, which started in 2008, ended badly. According to information released by Rihanna, Brown inflicted physical violence on herself. After this statement, the music world was especially surprised.

Matt Kemp
The relationship that started in 2010 and ended in the same year was later announced by Rihanna as a very happy relationship. Although there is no exact explanation as to the reason for their separation, it is stated that the couple separated due to the disagreement.

Travis Scott
This situation, which was a short-lived relationship in 2015, was also not disclosed by Rihanna. It is not known exactly why the two broke up.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Although relations with the famous actor were first revealed in 2015, the parties did not admit that they had a relationship. However, Rihanna and DiCaprio were later spotted in different places, but that didn’t turn into a relationship.

Hasan Jameel
Rihanna, who started a relationship with Saudi billionaire Jameel in 2017, ended her relationship in 2020. It is not yet known who Rihanna is with.

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