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Jisoo (Kim Ji-Soo) Biography

Jisoo (Kim Ji-Soo) biography includes the life of the South Korean young artist. Kim Ji-Soo, known by the stage name Jisoo, was born on January 3, 1995 in Gunpo. She is the beloved vocalist of the k-pop band Blackpink.

Jisoo, who studied Performing Arts in the capital of South Korea, comes from a wealthy family in South Korea. Kim Ji-Soo has an older sister and an older brother. Her older brother, Kim Jung Hun, is six years older than Kim Ji-Soo. Jisoo also has a strong bond with her older sister, Jiyoon, and her older sister also has two children. She spent her childhood and high school period in Seaul. Her father gave her generous support for her musical career and thanks to her father she confidently stepped into her music and acting career.

In 2011, they auditioned for the YG Entertainment group Blackpink, and they signed a contract right after.

Kim Ji soo and her band Blackpink’s 2-single mini album “Square One” released by YG Entertainment gained great fame just hours after its release. Jisoo, Kim Ji-Soo is also the oldest member of the Blackpink group.

Kim Ji-Soo’s group Blackpink was ranked among the top ten music in South Korea’s annual music poll and was rated as an idol group. It was included in this list again in 2019.

Jisoo (Kim Ji-Soo) Facts

  • Kim Ji – Soo has the nicknames Chi Choo and Jichu.
  • Her eyes are significantly distorted and her sense of direction is very poor.
    She loves to spend time with phone games and is particularly fond of the Clash Royale game.
  • Kim Ji – Soo is also known for being a good Owerwatch actor.
  • Among the anime, their favorite detective-themed ones.
  • She is very picky about food and therefore cannot go beyond certain preferences. Most of them do not like fruits and vegetables and usually eat what they eat by dipping them in various sauces.
  • She loves to dance and expresses it at every opportunity.
  • The sports where he is best are basketball and snowboarding. He also loves to skate.
  • She does not like to shop for clothing because he has a very unstable personality.
  • She loves watching horror movies.
  • Her favorite types of books are books with crime and detective subjects.
  • She loves nicknames and has given nicknames to each of her bandmates.
  • Does not like birds, hamsters and rabbits.
  • Kim Ji -Soo has a dog named Dalgom, but it is known that she is very afraid of other dogs, especially large breed dogs.
  • Despite being a good skater, Kim Ji-Soo doesn’t know how to ride a bike.
  • Her favorite things to do are reading and drawing
    Jisoo, who can also play the instrument, continues to improve herself in traditional drums and guitar.
  • Kim Ji -Soo’s Chinese zodiac sign is “dog”.
  • Kim Ji-Soo can’t speak English yet.
  • She was a presenter for a period and was the first to join YG Entertainment as a trainee.

Jisoo (Kim Ji-Soo) Favorite Things

Favorite ColorPurple
Favorite Number4
Favorite BookKafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami
Favorite FoodChicken and spicy dishes, Rice
Favorite MovieHarry Potter Series
Favorite PerfumeMiss Dior
Favorite MusicTVXQ
Favorite ActorTom Hardy

Jisoo (Kim Ji-Soo) Boyfriends

Kim Ji-Soo previously stated in an interview that her record label YG Entertainment is very strict about dating. Perhaps this is why Jisoo never had a romantic relationship with anyone. Jisoo also announced that she has never had a serious relationship before. Yet in one of her interviews, she explained that she liked cute men instead of sexy men.

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