Anne-Marie Biography, Facts, Favorite Things, Boyfriends, Favorite Color

Anne-Marie Biography

Anne-Marie biography includes the life of world famous UK singer and songwriter Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson. British singer Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson was born on April 7, 1991 in Essex. The artist’s father is Irish and her mother is English. She also has a sister named Samantha. Anne-Marie started her music career professionally in 2013.

After the mini album released in 2013, Anne-Marie caught the attention of Ed Sheeran with the song “Summer Girl” and their friendship dates back to those times.

The singer, who released two EPs in 2016, continued on her way with “Karate” and “Gemini”. The single “Do It Right” was among the top 100 in the UK charts. Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson is best known for her song “Rockabye”, which she sang with Clean Bandit in 2016.

In 2018, Anne-Marie, who accompanied the song David Guetta, stayed on the UK charts for a long time with “Don’t Leave Me Alone”.

In 2019, she appeared in the song “F*ck, I’m Lonely” written by the American singer Lauv for the 3rd Season of the popular series 13 Reasons Why, and this song was released on August 1, 2019. When it came to 2020, the first song of the second studio album “Birthday” was released. The second and third singles of the album were also released before the album’s release. American rapper Doja accompanied Anne-Marie in her third single, which was released in July.

Anne-Marie Facts

  • One of your best friends is Ed Sheeran. The two worked together to write some of Anne-Marie’s biggest hits in 2002.
  • Karate has been a hobby and even a passion for her since childhood. In 2002, she won the gold medal at the World Championship. Anne-Marie Rose has always loved learning the Nicholson discipline and martial arts. She was able to carry this discipline to her whole life thanks to karate.
  • Anne-Marie is a tattoo enthusiast and now has at least 15 small tattoos on her body.
  • As a child, she starred in two West End productions: Les Misérables when she was only six years old. She was 12 when she played in Whistle Down the Wind.
  • The singer first started singing when he and a friend often spent time with the Elton John Rocket Music record label.

Anne-Marie Favorite Things

Favorite Color: Red
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite Book: Mastery, Robert Greene
Favorite Food: Pandan Cake, Butter and peanut butter toast
Favorite Movie: The Whisperers (1967)
Favorite Perfume: Rose, violet, jasmine and oleander fragrances
Favorite Music: Anderson Paak
Favorite Actress: Brigitte Bardot

Anne-Marie Boyfriends

Whether the pop star has a boyfriend right now is unknown, but the singer admitted that when the song “Do It Right” was released, the track was inspired by her ex-boyfriend, who had been together for two years and whose identity she concealed.

In 2016, she spoke on Nova radio about her love life, but did not give any details. She continued to hide her private life with this attitude.

In the interview, for her ex-boyfriend, “I can’t say because she’s a well-known person, she’s also into music.” and did not give any further details.

Anne-Marie spoke to London-based independent online music magazine Line Of Best Fit in May 2018 about her sexuality and said she finds both men and women attractive.

In this statement, she stated that she was never interested in men, but was not influenced by women either. She said that she didn’t see being bisexual as something that should be explained, her feelings were extremely natural and anyone could feel that way.

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